Le Grand Chalet, Aspet


Rooms & Rates


The Isard Suite (second floor)


The Isard Suite is named after the Pyrenean chamois, a goat antelope.  The suite consists of one double room with adjoining twin room and an Italian bathroom with shower. There are views of the Pic de Cagire, the highest mountain in the immediate area (at 1,912m above sea level).

The Pastou Suite (second floor)


The Pastou Suite is named after the Pyrenean sheep-guarding dog and it too has a double room with adjoining twin room (which can become another double room) and Italian bathroom with shower.  The views from this room take in the swimming pool, La Gele, a densely-forested hill and Le Cagire.

The Marmotte Suite (first floor)

The Marmotte Suite is named after the large squirrel-like animal found in the Pyrenees.  The suite consists of one double room with adjoining twin room and a bathroom with large shower.   With high ceilings and French doors that open on to a balcony from which Le Cagire and surrounding country can be admired. 

The Ours Suite (first floor)

The Ours Suite is named after the Pyrenean brown bear, a small number of which inhabit the mountain range.  This suite comprises one double room (which can become a twin room) and an adjoining single room, aptly named Ourson, or bear cub, and a bathroom with bath and shower.  This suite also has French doors that open on to the balcony that surrounds first floor on three sides.  

Additional information

A beautiful spiral staircase leads to both floors but may present a small problem to those who are find too many steps difficult.

Each suite is equipped with a television, tea/coffee-making facilities, hair dryer and a few basic toiletries.


Marmotte, Pastou and Isard can each accommodate up to four people whilst Ours can accommodate up to three guests.

Minimum two people: €80 (Isard and Pastou) and €85 (Marmotte and Ours) per night, including breakfast.

Three people: €105/€110 per night, including breakfast.

Four people: €130/€135 (Ours sleeps up to three people) per night, including breakfast.

The seventh night is free of charge should you wish to stay for a week.

Please note that rates change during the high season (beginning June to end August; Christmas and New Year). Please contact me for further information.

Towels are changed every two days and bedlinen after a week's stay.

Taxe de séjour is 50c per person per night.